Summer in the Fall with Kenyon Grills

    As the temperatures in New York start to drop this week, I felt a strong longing to be able to have the essence of summer in my home. How does one achieve that you might ask? Well, you can add in different beach themed prints, make your room super hot so you feel like you’re in the Sahara, or you can invest in an indoor grill! I opted for the latter as I live with a food photographer and a food stylist. We had every appliance you could dream of, but an indoor grill – that we did NOT have.

    Now, I’m not saying I wasn’t skeptical on this …because I was a little! This little grill by Kenyon Grills proved to be easy and fun to use, left me with little to no clean up, and there was ZERO smoke (I’m still baffled at how it works, but it works and that’s all I care about).

    I decided to give the City Grill a shot and grill some chicken and veggies on it first. I figured I would see how capable this little grill was at creating those oh-so coveted grill marks. As you can see from the images, this grill killed it. The grill marks were perfect and almost more aesthetically pleasing than an outdoor grill!. Grilling on this was one of the more fun experiences because I felt like I was just grilling outside, but in my FiDi apartment.

    I would highly recommend you invest in this grill if you live in any urban city with limited access to the outdoors. Being able to have freshly grilled food without dealing with the pain of grill pans or smoke has changed the way I grill. For anyone who’s looking to try this out, I’m offering $75 off their purchase with the code “Nathaniel” at check out. Go get your grill on!

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