Looking to Spring with Uniqlo

    Beep beep!

    Well, this week we had a day that was 60 degrees, and then the next day it snowed a foot….WHAT’S HAPPENING. I’m not well. I don’t understand. NURSE.

    Anyway, here’s another look I styled for Uniqlo. You guys saw my last post (here!) where I talked about my obsession with Uniqlo and their basics. I love the look I’ve styled here for a couple reasons: 1) it’s easy to wear, 2) the colors look great against my hair and skin, and 3) it makes me believe that Spring is really happening. I’m in desprate need of motivation to keep it moving, and spring and summer is DEFINITELY my source. Take a look at the outfit below and let me know what you think…if you hate it, love it, think it would be better with something else or what! And shop the look with the links belowwww! 🙂

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