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October 2014


brooklyn backyardigan

brooklyn has it’s perks among which are easy transportation, great food, cheap(er) drinks, attractive young people, and more space. above all of these things, though, i find that my backyard is my most prized possession. i love having a…


there’s a new hat in town

it found me. i don’t know how and i’m choosing not to question it. this hat from zara has become a new obsession. it’s crushed black wool felt and it’s perfectly structured. not too “hi i’m wearing a sunhat”…


sunday october brunch

sunday brunch is always a time when i feel like i need to look my best. i know i’ll probably end up taking a picture of something (food, my friends, or my shoes) so i always try and look…


fall is here

hey y’all sorry i haven’t posted in a couple months (ages)…things have been super busy and i’m still sort of getting my footing with this blogging piece. meanwhile, new york has been looking pretty great with fall leaves and…