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January 2015


how we blizzard

the blizzard is over and now we all have to go back to work (for those of us fortunate to have a snow day like we were in high school again). and while today is a full work day…


hatch pond throwback

another spot from home i have a real love for is nestled politely on the outskirts of the kent school. there’s a small dirt road that leads you down to a boat slip surrounded by wheat grass. in the…


snow bunny came out to play

winter weather has it’s hand firmly wrapped around my neck trying to suffocate me. however, i am refusing to let this grey boring weather get me down. i’m going to focus on better things…like when it snowed and it…


nike got me feelin free

well. i’ve done it. i bought a pair of nike’s. and i don’t think i ever want to go back. i got the free 5.0 is black and it is my most favorite shoe right now. the level of…


diane’s tree

connecticut holds a lot of my past and my memories. this tree is no exception. i used to date a boy who lived north of this spot. i always drove past this tree and would always stare/try not to…