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April 2016


Springtime Sweater Weather

AND IT’S MONDAY! New York has been flooding my eyes with beautiful imagery all week while feeling nice and warm…it’s just bliss y’all. Today I wanted to take the time to show you guys one of my favorite combos for…

beard grooming

Beard Care 101

Well hey there! This past week has been super duper busy, yet again to no surprise. Started my new job and I’m just getting into the flow of how to balance my life between sleeping & eating properly, my…

grooming skin

Skincare Tips for the (not so) Rugged Man

I’ve always had sensitive skin. Since I was a little kid I’ve always had problems with sunscreens, lotions, face washes…you name it. Disaster. However, as I’ve gotten older and the hormone levels (somehow) have seemly subsided (for the most…