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Sleeping through 2017

Hey hi heyo! Happy New Year! It’s 2017! Wow! Hooray! Hurrah! Isn’t it weird to think that 2007 was 10 years ago or that when you hear someone say a car model like “yeah it was a 2005 BMW…



HEY I’ve decided it’s time for my come back to the blogging + instagram world. I’ve been taking so many pictures and it’s been really hard to not post everything I shoot, so…I’m back. I found out a lot…


fall is here

hey y’all sorry i haven’t posted in a couple months (ages)…things have been super busy and i’m still sort of getting my footing with this blogging piece. meanwhile, new york has been looking pretty great with fall leaves and…


rain on the river

this weekend i went up to connecticut to shoot with my really good friend and wonderful photographer/visual artist, stephen pacuk. i wanted to go to bull’s bridge in kent, connecticut. nestled right on the state line of new york…


around the park and back

here are some product shots i took the other day! i spent the whole day in central park just playing around with my coach weekender and the other items i had in my bag. i ended up going to…