the butcher’s daughter knows what’s good

hummus crudite & egg salad sandwhich

though i have definitely seen the butcher’s daughter on instagram and the beautiful patio in the summer, i had yet to eat there. so on this fine fall day i decided she was first on my radar….and the light was great that day. i went in and was seated promptly, scanned the menu and the egg salad sandwich stuck out.

as a lot of you may or may not know, breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. that being said, i sort of just have breakfast at all times of my day. eggs are truly my weakness. i feel like lana del rey singing “feet don’t fail me nowwwwww take me to the finish lineeee” ….to eggs. i was in soho in-between meeting a friend and taking photos of brian and needed nourishment. i (naturally) ordered the egg salad open-face style sandwich with a fresh red pepper hummus and crudité plate. i saw the word egg and was just immediately dead set on having it. i do not regret my decision, as this was one of the better lunches i’ve had out recently. if you haven’t tried them yet this place is a city must. their menu is awesome & delicious, decor is sweet, light is dope, and also it’s perfect. go now.

The Butcher’s Daughter
19 Kenmare Street
New York, NY 10012

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