Beard Care 101

Well hey there!

This past week has been super duper busy, yet again to no surprise. Started my new job and I’m just getting into the flow of how to balance my life between sleeping & eating properly, my blog, and personal life. It’s been a hectic week, but I’m excited to see how the rest of April shapes up & how awesome May is going to be.


Today I wanted to talk to y’all about beard care. Lately I’ve been getting a lot of compliments from people about my beard. I’ve heard things like “OMG THAT BEARD IS SO QUICE!” or like “How is your beard that well groomed….?” All v sweet in my opinion & I’m definitely not opposed to taking the compliment. So here are my 4 simple steps to getting a beard and to get people to wanna compliment you…I guess 🙂



My first step is to trim the entire beard with a pair of clippers & a number 2 guard. This is the perfect length for me as it keep the hair long enough to look full, but short enough that it doesn’t look wirey. I use just a basic pair of clippers from Wahl. I’ll put a link in the bottom for you to check out, but really pretty much any pair of clippers with a guard set is great. I also take a straight razor & shave my cheeks of any stray hairs from the beard.



Next I get in the shower & wash off all the excess hair. I follow is up with a specially formulatee beard wash from BlueBeards Original. It’s sort of like a face wash but it’s specifically for your beard. You CAN use it on your cheeks & the rest of your face, but I still used a different specific face wash for that. However, the beard wash has lots of essential vitamins & oils that moisturize and take any dead skin (beard-druff) out from under the hair follicles. It’s got a really wonderful citrusy lime smell, so it’s always super enjoyable to wash with.



Hop out the shower, take a shower and towel off. I take my towel and dry my beard just like I would the hair atop my head. I used to always forget to do this before I started taking care of my beard closer, and would always leave the house with a pocket full of water under my neck in my beard. Not fun. Anyway. I towel off & apply a beard moisturizer from BlueBeards Original. The moisturizer has grapeseed in it that protects the skin from drying it out, but balances the oils enough that the hair in your beard doesn’t get oily. I apply this all throughout my beard and my neck.



After moisturizing I take a beard brush and brush the hairs in the natural direction of my beard. This makes gives the beard a really clean and put together look. Brushing the hairs also keeps it more flat to your face so you don’t look like you have jowls & the beard isn’t too bulky. My beard brush is (also) from BlueBeards Original. It’s bristles are stiff enough that they grab the hair and put it into place, but soft enough that it doesn’t scratch your skin. I absolutely love it, and don’t know how anyone lives without it. I follow all of this up by trimming any stray hairs that look like they’re sticking out or out of place. With a pair of scissors I carefully go around my whole beard and snip away.

And that’s it! You’re done. On to bigger, better, more beautiful beards gentlemen.

I got all of my products from BlueBeards Original & have an entire set, but you can visit the website here to pick and choose what exact products you want.

Also here’s the trimmer I use.

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  • Allen
    August 20, 2016 at 10:22 pm

    Do you trim with or against the grain?

    • Nathaniel James
      September 7, 2016 at 6:23 pm

      With for the most part! If I absolutely need a closer shave, I will have a barber shave against the grain for me!