Bar III x The Nathaniel Manual

This holiday season I’ve partnered up with Bar III from Macy’s to show you a sharp holiday look! Now I’m not one for suits (usually) but every so often you run into times when you actually need a suit…and one that fits well. In this case, I feel like wearing a suit to a holiday party or New Year’s Eve celebration is not only classic, but elevates your mood when celebrating. I feel like whenever I look good or I’m dressed up, I always have a better time.

The suit I’m wearing from Bar III is amazing! It’s a slim fit and fits perfectly in all the right places. The classic black and white helps keep me looking good but not like I’m trying too hard. If you know me at all, you know that effortlessness is an absolute necessity. If you’re looking for something to help take you from basic to sophisticated, stop by Macy’s and get into a new Bar III suit! Take a look and get some inspiration from the photos below. Let me know what you think in the comments! 

Shop the look:

Suit Jacket
Suit Pants


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