brooklyn backyardigan

brooklyn has it’s perks among which are easy transportation, great food, cheap(er) drinks, attractive young people, and more space. above all of these things, though, i find that my backyard is my most prized possession.

i love having a space that is part of my apartment that is outside. sure, there are people that can see you and there are buildings all around, but that doesn’t mean it’s not perfect (sometimes). today i just hung out in the backyard and decompressed. it’s been a busy week and finding the time to relax is always difficult. when you get to spend that time in a space outside that’s yours…you feel much more relaxed.

there’s a cute little fire pit in the middle of homemade and old benches that my room mates have put it. there are birds always buzzing around and i’m surrounded by greenery. i love just being outside and reading or writing. we’re planning on making a closed in fire pit room / fort for the winter to go hang out in when it gets colder…i’ll keep you updated if we do 😉

crepe knit & hat – zara
skinny tapered jeans – armani exchange
nubuck ankle boots – zara
jewelry – catbird nyc & my nana’s


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