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thanksgiving in connecticut was a blast this year! it snowed all thanksgiving eve into the mid-morning of thanksgiving. after grocery shopping in the morning on thanksgiving eve, i forced my friend nicole to take some pictures of me :). we got about a foot of snow all and all, but it melted on the roads and everything was clear. i had totally forgotten that i left my winter coats in connecticut until i opened the closet door the night i got home. much to my surprise i had two vintage london fogs, an amazing vintage lambskin shearling, and my navy colored lanvin peacoat (which is my favorite and also pictured above). also while rummaging around in the closet i found two red tattersal scarves and the scarf pictured above which is a vintage jcrew from my father…way to go dad!

i set the table with red and cream plates and added some festive leaves and gourds to make it look like it was really thanksgiving (not christmas because of the snow hehe). we sat down started with this amazing butternut squash soup that my brother and his boyfriend made from scratch! it was out of this world and the perfect start to a beautiful meal. afterward we all hung around the fire, played cards against humanity, and drank until our hearts content.

thanks for reading!

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