here’s the tea: it’s freezing still




it’s brick out there today! so, appropriately, here i am in front of a brick wall in some warm threads to help shield be from the wind whipping around buildings in flatiron. hopefully you’re fending for yourself against the elements, but if you’re looking to stay warm take some tips from this new yorker!

first and foremost, if you live in the northeast and you do not have any heattech by uniqlo i have to question your sanity. the thin layer of this amazing japanese technology makes the difference between feeling dead or alive. even at night under the covers, heattech acts as a heating blanket.

next, layer yourself! just a jacket doesn’t cut it when the wind it hitting you in the face. i threw on this topman hoodie which i pretty much always wear because it has leather sleeves that help lock in heat. over that i have a new coat i got from zara recently that i can’t stop wearing. it’s very streamlined, simple, and classic. all of my favorite things rolled into one!throw on some heavy knit joggers, a pair of combat boots, some gloves and a beanie and you’re ready to go. stay warm and drink some whiskey!

knit beanie + joggers – h&m
leather sleeved hoodie – topman
topcoat + bag – zara
wingtip combat boots – coach

photos by chelsea kyle

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