how we blizzard





the blizzard is over and now we all have to go back to work (for those of us fortunate to have a snow day like we were in high school again). and while today is a full work day ahead of me, i’m very excited to share the pictures that my very good friend chelsea took for me yesterday!

we spent our snow day on the roof of her fidi apartment taking pictures and enjoying the snow’s beauty. thankfully it wasn’t too windy to wear my favorite hat! i decided to wear this shearling because 1) super warm and 2) the color combo of the fur and lambskin compliments the black really well. i was surprised and excited when i tried this outfit on!

hopefully you did something fun for the snow day! if you sat around watching netflix and eating food all day…that sounds like a success to me, as well 😉

lamb skin shearling – vintage
round brimmed hat – zara
sunglasses – rayban
button down – h&m
joggers – american eagle
wingtip boots – coach
round brimmed hat – zara


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