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Hey y’all!

For some reason this morning I was compelled to select the “Pop Hits: 2003” playlist on Apple Music. So right now I’m sitting in bed listening to “Get Busy” by Sean Paul and sipping on some coffee. Truly, I’m a grown up.

ANYWAY. I’ve been super into this shirt I found from Zara. It’s a little bit of a thicker poly-blend that has a little bit of a sheen to it…I’m into it. I paired it with these amazing shorts I found at No Relation Thrift (L Train Vintage). They’re vintage Perry Ellis so they have this awesome MC Hammer loose vibe to them that helps contrast and balance the fitted arms/bottom of the top. Since they were both navy I figured why not go for a full on navy moment. I threw on my new favorite white low-top sneakers that I got at H&M (though I’m on the hunt for another pair that’s real leather and lasts longer) Regardless, the white is a great pop against the dark navy and looks super clean. Also, looking at the Very Perry line from Perry Ellis, this look is very in line with what came down the runway for Spring 2016. If you haven’t seen the show, check it out here!

OK i have to interrupt because “Bring Me to Life” by Evanescence just came up on this playlist and I CANNOT REMEMBER THE LAST TIME I HEARD THIS DAMN SONG. literally burst out laughing when it came on. like not gunna lie though, kinda love it. ok that’s enough.

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zara top here – perry ellis shorts (similar) – h&m low-top sneakers – h&m sunglasses (similar)

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