nike got me feelin free



well. i’ve done it. i bought a pair of nike’s. and i don’t think i ever want to go back. i got the free 5.0 is black and it is my most favorite shoe right now. the level of comfort in these things is beyond comprehension to me…maybe because i can’t remember the last time i wore sneakers…which is sad.

recently, i’ve been taken a lot of time off from life in general. i’ve been trying to be better to my body and letting it feel good..which is not easy when you’re me. i’m ready, though, to try and change all that. i decided the other day that maybe if i bought new shoes i would be inspired to run again..which worked. in addition to the necessity of motivation, i also got the black and white ones because..dang they’re cute. i think this has changed my views on sneakers in fashion, wholly. so…there you have it. i’m late to the boat but, nike you’ve gained a new fan.

free 5.0 sneakersnike
leather jacket – zara
hoddie – topman
cotton tee – jcrew
snapbackLUNCH by DigInn
gloves – h&m
sunwear – robert james


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