#NYFWM Recap

New York Fashion Week: Men’s just ended on Thursday and I have a lot to tell y’all about! This year I attended #NYFWM for the FIRST time. As this was my first time attending I observed and learned…lots. Basically my week was filled with snapping photos of different bloggers, going to shows, & attending events. I guess for some reason I didn’t realize that fashion week = looking like FASHION. I swear to god I missed the memo. I ran around this city in a leather jacket & combat boots all week. I didn’t plan anything out at all, I didn’t even TRY to think about it….


However, I ran around this whole city for four days shooting a bunch of guys. So, tbqh I’m happy I was in comfortable, easy to wear pieces. I had a blast being behind the camera and seeing what some more experienced, established, polished guys dressed like for fashion week. Definitely taught me that there’s a lot to learn about planning 😀

Here’s all the guys I shot this week:

Anthony Urbano - NYFWM

Anthony Urbano (@oh_anthonio)

Tommy Lei - NYFWM

Tommy Lei (@mybelonging)

Gregory Dava - NYFWM

Gregory Davalos (@gregorydava)

Eric Jess - NYFWM

Eric Jess (@ericjess)

Brandon Duvall - NYFWM

Brandon Duvall (@brandonduvall)

I also attended the Perry Ellis show on Wednesday and was blown away. The new collection was stellar as hell & rocked classic tailoring with a modern edge. Baggy pants, cropped cable knits, & beautiful statement pieces. My favorite was a hooded shearling with a zipper down the hood. SO GOOD. Watch the show here & take a look at some of the shots from the show! 




That having been said, I had a wonderful week. I met so many awesome guys, hung out at some rad parties, and ate some delicious food. I’m looking forward to the next time fashion week rolls around…and maybe next time I’ll actually have MY picture taken 😉


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