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 these pictures were taken by the wonderfully talented chelsea kyle. we ended up shooting right on the street where my house is (pepperidge tree road). i used to spend so much time outside as a little kid (everyone else did too, right?) and where i’m standing in these shots are where i played the most. i would constantly have running stories in my head about being a princess and saving someone, or that i was on a bad dash on my bike to race my competitors. anyway! standing in these places this past weekend brought back a lot of those memories i had forgotten about. it’s so calm and quiet in my neighborhood back home that you find yourself delving into memories much easier.

i chose this outfit because i was going out to dinner with my parents for my mom’s birthday! she turned 55 and it was great to see family and spend time with her. i found this amazing top at h&m a few weeks ago and decided it would be lovely with a pair of dark demin and some white bucks. the whole anchor/sailor thing really gets some room to be seen since it’s in a polo, rather than just a t-shirt.

anchor polo – h&m
dark denim – uniqlo
white suede bucks – g.h. bass
sunglasses – cole haan
jacket – huc of sweden

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