really just trying to make spring happen





alright so maybe i lied a little in my last post. spring is definitely not “almost in full swing” fact it’s feeling more and more like winter everyday… SIGH. regardless, i’m jonesin’ for some spring threads and to eat outside again. so, in my attempt to try and will spring into happening, here’s an outfit that’s pretty spring inspiring!

LA based artist, gary baseman, teamed up with coach for their spring/summer 2015 collection. in the collection there are some creepy/dark yet oddly adorable characters that all have stories. coach created a few pieces from the collection for men. i bought the emmanuel hare ray tshirt. emmanuel is a little bunny who tries to have perfect vision and find beauty everything. he’s a slave to all things beautiful and superior craftsmanship. i mostly fell in love with him because of the colors on the shirt and how spring invoking it felt, but he’s pretty damn cute. there are 2 other men’s shirts that are pretty great, check em out!

i chose to wear all black with this shirt to help make this lil guy stand out more and catch some eyes sidebar:  i don’t plan on taking this hat off, pretty much ever? i don’t know how to quit it. so you’ll probably be seeing it more and more going forward

graphic tee – coach
leather jacket, boots, hat – zara
denim – armani exchange
sunglasses – robert james
necklace – symbol flame
bracelets – h&m + bison made


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