snowy strolls through the park




you know, working in retail can be a bust sometimes but i truly enjoy being able to have random days off in my schedule. like who’s out on a thursday at 1.30pm? me and a few people with dogs apparently. today was that random day off and i sincerely didn’t want to do anything all day. i promised myself, last night though, that i would do something productive and not be so damn lazy since i knew i wouldn’t have any other opportunities this week. so i signed up for fresh-direct (finally), made some oatmeal, and then got stuff to shoot outside. i know it might not seem productive to a lot of people, really, but going outside and not sitting behind a screen all day is kind of nice tbh. i found out it might snow last night and told myself, “pero like the photos thoooo..” so i went outside today. i also am obsessed with snow (which i think you’ve gathered by now, but incase you haven’t reference here here and here…and here).

sidebar: i’m not really sure how i’m supposed to type out posts anymore, and feel like maybe i’m not really doing my part in letting people explore what it’s like to be me or know me, so i’m taking small strides. and perhaps that means streams of consciousness like this post, or something more formal..i have no idea. i haven’t figured it out yet but here it is.

anyway 😀 here’s a few shots i took out in maria hernandez park today. i stopped by milk & pull (fav) for a soy dirty chai latte (fuckyeah) to keep me warm and went to the park to start shooting. half way through my shoot it began to snow and my brain exploded. so i only used pictures of when it started to snow in this post 😡 however, i stayed nice and warm with a crepe layered sweater, a nice thick parka, and some kick ass boots that didn’t hurt any animals in the process of being made. oh and this hat that my mom knit me for christmas like 3 years ago that i found today. i digs it.

so here it is! me, the latte, the clothes, and the snow. now i’m off to file taxes (yaaas refund)…hope you enjoy my ranting. because this might be what it is going forward #justsayin #notsure #what?

parka – relwen
sweater – zara
jeans – armani exhange
boots – vegetarian shoes
hat – momma habs
gloves + bag – h&m


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