Springtime Sweater Weather

AND IT’S MONDAY! New York has been flooding my eyes with beautiful imagery all week while feeling nice and warm…it’s just bliss y’all.

Today I wanted to take the time to show you guys one of my favorite combos for spring and introduce you to a brand who totally embodies everything I represent. First off, I was walking with a friend while shopping in SoHo last week and he said something to me that felt totally right. “Everybody told me that I’d ‘fall in love’ with New York in the fall…but that’s totally wrong…because you fall in love with New York in the SPRING.” TRUER WORDS NEVER SPOKEN? I THINK SO.

Spring is the perfect season for New York. Not to cold, not to hot…just a harmonious blend of comfort. In the spring, carrying a jacket is a thing of the past. Much like the apparel you rep in the Fall, your Spring wardrobe should mimic that sort of “transitional” moment. So to keep you on track with the cooler nights, a sweater is the perfect choice. #sweaterweather applies here! I got this marled knit sweater in grey/black/white. I paired it with a pair of distressed denim in a blue hue that really pull the look together. The two pieces are from one of my new FAVORITE brands, Eight Field of Freedom.





Eight Field of Freedom is a company that hand makes all of their pieces right here in the US. Since the 1990’s, almost 90% of our clothing is produced over seas (because everyone is awful and everyone is cheap). This company is bringing back the production to America. They specialize in denim (which is the American fabric, y’all! Cmon American pride!!) Not only is everything well made, but this is no exaggeration (I SWEAR)….these are the softest, most comfortable, wearable jeans I have ever owned. I literally want to sleep in them. If you’re looking to up your denim game, head over to their website and snag a pair!

Check out Eight Field of Freedom, grab some new jeans, strike a cute pose & let me see you liiiiiive for the beauty that is Spring.

Until next time!


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