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Hello from the other side, y’all. IT’S MARCH!

To be completely honest, I haven’t felt comfortable wearing a suit ever. I always felt like suits didn’t represent me or my style. But after looking at myself in the mirror today, I didn’t feel so self conscious anymore. Something changed! Thus recently I’ve been doing a little bit of searching through my closet and having some realizations about my clothing. I love my casual day to day style and cherish my black jeans, leather jacket, & sneakers. However, sometimes a leather jacket isn’t the most appropriate. Sometimes black denim can just be boring. And white sneakers…well those are good for almost anything…unless you’re looking to get super dressed up.

Today I decided to trade all of that for a few staple pieces that are versatile and consistently classic.

First, I have a wonderful pair of tailored pants from Theory that I am absolutely enamored with. These pants are my absolute go to anytime I hear the words wedding, interview, funeral, formal, or black tie. They’re incredibly comfortable, have a great amount of give and are perfect for wearing all day.

Tucked into those pants I have a crisp white button down. Black & white are the quintessential classic suit colors & what I believe to be an absolute staple in menswear. Black tie event? This shirt & outfit + a black tie is your answer. This shirt has a simple collar that is neither huge like from the 80’s nor hyper modern like the small collars we see on most shirts today. This is the perfect balance & is incredibly comfortable to wear. I like getting all my shirts tailored, but thisĀ Bar III button down fits like a dream.

On top of the button down I have a slim fit blazer. Slim fit is my personal favorite because it just fits the best. I can dress it up like I did here, or throw on a t-shirt and be more casual without compromising a good fit. This blazer is from H&M and it’s perfect. I’ve gotten several compliments on it when I do wear it, and it hugs me nicely. So win win.

I threw on my favorite sunglasses, a vintage gold watch, and my favorite dress shoes. These double monk strap oxfords are the most comfortable shoes I have in my closet. They’re incredibly wearable and look great with black!

You can shop the look below by clicking any of the images below or in my shop!


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