summer sundays





hola! so i’ve sort of been horrible with posting as of late due to my computer’s life malfunctions and my lack of time to take photos 😡 i’m finally getting sometime to edit and post lots of my content that i’ve been snapping here and there in the past week or so.

since it’s officially summer (hell to the yeah y’all!), i figure why not lead with an outfit that worked perfectly on a hot day. after hanging by the pool all day on a sunny sunday, my friends and i decided it was time to go somewhere for drinks. so, alas you can see me here in some summer patio attire ready for some sangria!

this short sleeve button down is an old club monaco found at no relation thrift for $8, the shorts are perry ellis which i found for $3 at buffalo exchange, sunglasses are unknown from monk in brooklyn, and the hat is my favorite in the world (honestly there is no brand), and i found him at beacon’s closet for $10. oh! and the shoes are ghbass from last season but they still remain my favorite.

all in all i paid $21 for this entire outfit. definitely down with that 😀

summer’s here kids 🙂


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