sunday october brunch



sunday brunch is always a time when i feel like i need to look my best. i know i’ll probably end up taking a picture of something (food, my friends, or my shoes) so i always try and look good. however, i feel like you can still look great even if you just rolled out of bed. here, i paired my comfiest sweat pants (which happen to be burkman bros) with a smart cardigan, a warm scarf, and a pair of wingtip boots to polish up my look a little. i threw on a beanie to hide any crazy hair that may be happening (which it almost always is) and a pair of wayfarers because they’re timelessly chic. enjoying eggs benedict or waffles with strawberries just feels better when you feel good. hope you have a feel good sunday, yourself. 🙂

cardigan – koto
knit jacquard pant – burkman bros
white t – alternative apparel
wingtip boot – vegetarian shoes
sunglasses – rayban
scarf – matrin’s

photos by martin tadashi



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