the last week of summer

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HIII are you awake? If not WAKE UP because it’s TUESDAY and it’s no longer the weekend. Summer’s over, get over it.

 I feel like I kicked summer’s ass this weekend. I went to the beach, got a sunburn, had a campfire, got mosquito bites…so really i was just at summer camp all weekend. SIGH. That’s all sort of over now…and I’m a little happy about it? Summer is my favorite season, but dang I am ready for summer to be over and for fall to come thruuuuu!

Anyway! Today I wanted to talk to you about a few things. The first however is that I will be collaborating with the lifestyle photographer Martin Salomon on photos for my outfit posts. I’m extreeeemely excited to work with him because he’s got a great eye and can capture exactly what I have in my head without much back and forth. I’ve been looking for a photographer for a while because taking photos with my tripod and self timer have been throwing me for a loop and making me go crazy. SO go check out his stuff, follow him on instagram, and enjoy!

The next is that the guys at Original Grain hit me up for a collaboration that I’m extremely excited about as well! Original Grain is a watch company that uses reclaimed wood and steel to make their exceptionally handsome timepieces. The founders are two brother’s who decided to ditch their 9-5’s and do something they loved. I have mucho respecto for that sort of attitude, and look what came out of it! I chose the Rosewood in Black which has this beautiful reclaimed rosewood and black steel. This watch goes with everything I have since I’ve been wearing mostly black lately. It looks tiiight! The face is big and feels really masculine and thick. I absolutely love this watch and would recommend it to anyone looking for a new timepiece with something different to it. AND since OG uses reclaimed wood and steel, it’s completely sustainable. Hellz yeah.

Lastly, I got a haircut last week and haven’t stopped getting insane amounts of compliments on it. So, I thought I’d share that I AM IN LOVE WITH A BARBER SHOP. Crew Barber in Bushwick is my spot. My boy Manny is amazing at a fade and knows how to tighten it up so well. I’ve never felt more refreshed and thankful for a haircut! If you’re in Brooklyn or need a new spot to get a fade RUN THERE NOW. He will change your world.

SO. Summer’s over…so deal with it and go get yourself a haircut and a new watch and look at all these photos from Soho and the Hudson River that Martin took. Enjoy this Tuesday that is secretly a Mondayyyy!


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  • Michael Meißner
    September 8, 2015 at 10:54 am

    Einmalig tolle Aufnahme, ? ? ??????

  • Michael Meißner
    September 8, 2015 at 10:54 am

    Einmalig tolle Aufnahmen ? ? ??????