the pope got me sick






So for the past few days I’ve had a horrible cold and coincidentally the Pope has been in New York for the same amount of time! Now I’m not religious anymore, but I did grow up super duper religious. My parents brought us to tons of different churches when I was a kid to find “the answer to Jesus” …but I don’t think it worked. So this whole week I’ve been wondering if I’m just like super un-holy or maybe the change of the weather did it (whatever) but I’ve got this horrible cold. Now that the Pope is gone (officially) this cold is just staaaarting to wear off and I still can’t tell…weather…satan living inside my body…you choose.

So I apologize for my lack of presence on the instablam and the internet in general. I’ve pretty much just been in bed hacking up my lungs, drinking a fuck ton of herbal tea, and watching Archer (which if you haven’t started I seriously suggest you get your ass into gear and watch).


I recently gained some new amazing sustainable pieces that I’ve been living in for the past week and I need to give you guys some info about them. The first piece I’ve fallen in love with is this oatmeal-cream-white hoodie that is made from what I can only gather is the softest knit material known to man kind…That material is ORGANIC COTTON Y’ALL. It is like having angels come down and lightly kiss your skin every time you move around in it. I’ve been LIVING in this thing the past week and I am so happy I have it. Talk about making any situation comfortable, for real. I’ve been sick as a dog and this hoodie has made me sleep like a baby. I feel like the Pope would appreciate this hoodie since it’s HEAVEN ON EARTH…truly.

I feel like the basic hoodie is a piece that gets throw around for layering a lot (which I’m sure you’ll see this bad boy layered in my wardrobe a lot in the following months) but I wanted to make it the *star* of this outfit. To help make is stand out I used a tank that was the same color as the piping & hoodies strings, paired with a pair of military green chinos from zara, a pair of bordeaux socks, and these kick ass wingtip sand boots. I felt hella comfy and it was a perfect intro to fall look moment. shop the look below and kick autumn’s ass with comfortable, sustainable, handsome pieces.

hoodie – threads for thought
tank & socks – pullin
pants – zara
boots – vegetarian shoes


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