white out weekened: friday


when packing to leave the city, i decided i didn’t want to do laundry before i packed, so i threw all of my whites in a suitcase and hopped a train to the suburbs. i just finished taking out a few stains already, but that’s to be expected i suppose. 🙂

it rained on our 4th of july, but it was totally fine! i picked up nicole from the train and headed to my grandmother’s house. july 4th is her birthday and she turned 82 today! my mom and i made vegan chocolate cake cupcakes with whipped cream (vegan) frosting topped with fresh strawberries and blueberries to represent the flag! on the way over from my mom’s house to my grandmother’s house, they got a little smushed, but that’s ok 🙂 they still tasted amazing and looked adorable. after we all ate dinner and had our cupcakes, the sun started to show it’s face! a rainbow appeared and a got to see my favorite flowers (the tiger lily) in bloom.

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stay tuned for tomorrow!


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