soho strollin

the other day after going to lunch, i met up with my good friend brian to walk around soho and shoot. we always meet up with each other and just start walking in a direction like either of us know what we’re walking to. talking to brian is always really fun because he and i are basically children when we get together. he’s like the other brother i didn’t know i needed to have.

anyway, we found ourselves more in nolita area and managed to stumble upon a few scenic things that we liked. there’s this great small section of crosby street & howard street that has a couple buildings that made for a great street shot. here brian is wearing and elie tahari coat which i am enamored with!

Brian Morr by Nathaniel James
Brian Morr by Nathaniel James

The Corner Deli - Soho

Nathaniel James - Soho


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