fly on, ride through, maybe one day i’ll fly next to you

hudson river

green leaves



riverside drive

small park

west end



well hello there! i decided today was going to be a release-bad-feelings-from-your-life day.

i took a really nice run along my favorite route in manhattan. i always run up the husdon river from 55th street usually up to around 88th or a little higher. this time, though, i didn’t run along the water the whole way. it was cloudy and sort of dreary by the water. it didn’t really feel like the place to shed myself of bad feelings. so i ran into riverside park and absorbed all of the green around me and  found a treasure trove of beautiful plants and life. i spotted a lady bug just chillin on a white hydrangea, hanging trees and walls of green. i walked up to 76th and headed to the street. there i found this great fountain that was making bubbles in the small pool below it. i looked east across the street and saw these immaculate homes carved out of the city. i sometimes forget that manhattan houses such eye catching architecture.

i strolled along 75th street toward west end avenue  and stumbled upon a tiny little private park with vines growing along the side of its neighboring building. down west end, left on 70th street to broadway, i found a collection of more beautiful brownstones and old buildings that resonated with in me for some reason. on the street outside my place on 57th i saw a mirror standing upright and shattered. i thought the effect was cool, so i took a shot. at least i’m in all black when i work out, that’s all i can say.

i think i’m beginning to see more of the city around me instead of being trapped in the mundane tasks of my everyday. seeing people living and moving around near/on/in these places made me sort of pause and realize how small i actually am in the grand scheme of things. sometimes new york makes you feel like there’s no space because it’s so busy and you’re constantly rushing to do things. as of late, i’ve felt really trapped here in new york. i want to get away and travel, but i feel like my expenses don’t warrant my ability to travel yet. when i take a step back from my life and look around and put eyes towards different things i feel way better. i have to start reaching outside of myself to grow and start seeking out new and exciting things.

hope you enjoy the photos
(all on my iphone 5s and edited with vsco cam again)
and thanks for reading!


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  • Lisa Dalmeyer
    June 16, 2014 at 5:49 pm

    I am not a fan of cities. Too many people, perhaps too much stimuli for this A.D.D brain of mine but I have to say after seeing your photos and reading your blog I am enticed. Keep up the good work Nathaniel. I am intrigued!