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Entrance to the Loews Regency Hotel lobby

Entrance to the Julien Farel Spa on East 62nd Street

Front desk at Julien Farel - Men's

Luxurious furniture to relax in

A cozy corner shrouded in light

Me in a robe lolol

Inside the men's locker room

The Julien Farel Spa waiting room

The Bar at the Loews Regency

I haven’t really been to many spas in my life. I once went to a spa in a hotel chain in New Hampshire when I was 12, but mainly stayed in the pool the whole time. The next time I was 20 & went to Spa Castle in College Point, Queens. So both times are hardly luxury experiences, though Spa Castle was pretty memorable (crazy huge saunas, massive pools everywhere, tons of annoying kids everywhere). That being said, I went to visit the Julien Farel Spa in the Lowes Regency Hotel this past week. The contrast of this experience versus all the other experiences was astonishing. Literally there was nothing nicer than the atmosphere of an upscale, legit, real spa. No wonder people take spa days & treat themselves to a massage!

I arrived at the Lowes Regency (which is out of this world gorgeous) and was greeted by two friendly attendants who directed me to the spa. I walked down a beautiful marble lined hallway to find myself at the Julien Farel Men’s entrance. As I explored the spa I was enamored with the incredibly welcoming little nooks and spaces to relax in in-between sessions. The spa has a gym, full hair salon, private massage rooms, saunas, & a full wing just for men. Everyone on the staff was super sweet, super chilled out, and extremely welcoming. I got a full body massage and tension relief scalp massage. I’m not kidding when I say I spent an hour in full bliss. My favorite thing in the world is when someone rubs my head or scalp, so I highly enjoyed every minute of my treatment. During my massage my masseuse offered to use a variety of different oils. I chose the lavender blend because it reminded me of home and put me deeper into relaxation mode.

After finishing up my session, I went back to the palatial locker room & sat in a steam sauna for 15 minutes to literally melt away my stresses. The sauna led me to a nice warm shower which led me back into my clothes & floating down Park Avenue feeling like a new person.

If you’re ever visiting New York (or live here!) and want a truly decedent way to spend your afternoon, I highly recommend getting a massage, facial, or hair treatment from Julien Farel. This spa goes out of it’s way to make you feel at home & offers more than you’d imagine at first glance. Check out their website here and make appointment!

Julien Farel -Men’s
540 Park Ave, New York, NY 10065


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