I’ve decided it’s time for my come back to the blogging + instagram world. I’ve been taking so many pictures and it’s been really hard to not post everything I shoot, so…I’m back. I found out a lot of things about myself in the two months that I’ve been away from blogging and using instagram. I was extremely confused about myself and who I was and where my style was at. I figured out a lot, but most importantly I found out that my style is my own. Who I am is for myself. Everything else is sort of irrelevant in my life. It’s extremely refreshing to know that none of that actually matters.

I was out to dinner with a few of my friends in chinatown last week and I said something about being ready to go back to instagram. my friend questioned why I was away, I explained and then they said, “wait, but it’s just instagram…” I realized how correct he and the rest of my friends were in that moment. Instagram is a highlight reel of all the most positive moments while ain’t nobody seen the background reel where you’re crying and hating life over some person or some dollar. I really never like to think I put too much emphasis on something, but I think I’ve been put a lot of it on insta in the past year. I kept saying how I was comparing myself to people and getting down on myself all the time. While comparison is inevitable, I needed to step the hell away and really hear someone say, “It’s just Instagram.” More so I needed to learn it for myself and be able to say the same. I really just needed to boost my self esteem and get away from everything that was clouding my head. I’ve been hanging out with a lot of new people who have really opened my eyes to a lot of different things. I’ve also gained self confidence in knowing I can stand on my own two feet, but that there are great people to lean on when I truly need it.

I learned in the past two months that my blog needs to represent me a lot better, so there is a new layout & branding on it’s way. Lots of time and energy is going into it to make it represent myself to the best of my ability. I kept questioning my point of view and my style and I think what best describes me is country-hippie-boy-goes-to-art-school-in-the-city. I’m letting myself be me and I’m really just excited to share that with everyone 🙂


My blog is being tweaked and updated. I will still be blogging about fashion and about style, but the entire blog will be about sustainability. Living a sustainably fashionable life doesn’t have to do with just fashion. Choosing what to eat, where to go, and who to see are all integral parts of living life sustainably. I’ll probably be posting a lot about my garden here in Bushwick (because that’s where I’ve been spending the majority of my time this spring). A lot of my wardrobe is shifting and getting updated. Mostly everything you see me wear will be vintage or thrifted pieces. But don’t fret….they’re awesome. I’ll be posting look shots as soon as this week is behind me. It’s a new chapter and I’m very excited to dive right in 🙂

so happy to be back and so excited to share more with you all!



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