Sleeping through 2017

Hey hi heyo!

Happy New Year! It’s 2017! Wow! Hooray! Hurrah! Isn’t it weird to think that 2007 was 10 years ago or that when you hear someone say a car model like “yeah it was a 2005 BMW 3 series” you still think that it’s newish because in your head you’re still in high school but you’re actually a 25 (going on 26) year old adult? Yeah.

ANYWAY! Hey! So last year I moved into a new apartment with my two friends in Bushwick. During said move I bought a new bed & a new mattress. I’m not going to say that I didn’t like that mattress (because truthfully I did!) but I will say that there’s been a new mattress in my life and I’m so surprised I’ve gone this long without it.

A year after my move, the company Helix reached out to me to do a collaboration. I was semi skeptical to say yes only because I knew I had a mattress and I thought, “I really don’t need a new one, getting rid of this one is going to be a hassle…I’m not sure…” But I just did it anyway. Why not, right?

Let me be the first to tell you: THIS MATTRESS HAS ANSWERED MY PRAYERS, GOOD CHRIST. Seriously! This mattress is completely customized to me (thanks to a small survey you fill out about how you like to sleep before they CUSTOM MAKE YOU you your mattress) and they specifically make each mattress to match your desires. Take me for example:

  • I burn exceptionally hot. Always. I’m constantly too hot even if it’s cold out.
  • I like my bed plush, but not so plush that it’s like falling into a black hole.
  • I like to sleep on my side and my back.
  • I usually have back pain in the morning upon waking up.

Upon waking up on the first day after sleeping on the Helix mattress, I was confused and surprised. I didn’t wake up feeling sweaty. I didn’t wake up with a sore back. On top of it all, I woke up feeling like I had the best night’s sleep I’ve ever had…legit refreshed! I’ve never woken up in the middle of the night and NOT felt sweaty, and this guy made all that go away. Check out some images of me being in repose in bed:

Here’s the deal: if you want to sleep the way you want to sleep, you should seriously consider getting a mattress custom made for you by Helix. There’s no other way to get this kind of sleep (in my opinion). I sleep comfortably every night & enjoy coming home to my own little paradise.

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